Root Cause Failure Analysis (Manual & CD-ROM)
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This book was developed to help electric motor technicians and engineers prevent repeated failures because the root cause of failure was never determined. There are numerous reasons for not pursuing the actual cause of failure including:
• A lack of time.
• Failure to understand the total cost.
• A lack of experience.
• A lack of useful facts needed to determine the root cause.

The purpose of this book is to address the lack of experience in identifying the root cause of motor failures. By using a proven methodology combined with extensive lists of known causes of failures, one can identify the actual cause of failure without being an “industry expert.” In fact, when properly used,  this material, will polish one’s diagnostic skills that would qualify one as an industry expert.

The book is divided into the various components of an electric motor. In addition to a brief explanation of the function of each component and the stresses that act upon them, numerous examples of the most common causes of failure are also presented.

Since it is not always possible to pinpoint the exact cause  of failure, some examples are used more than once. Due to a lack of all the necessary facts associated with the application and history of a given machine, it is only possible to assign the root cause to the most probable scenario.

A reference section is included at the back of this book for those wanting to further research root cause failure analysis.

The book is available only in black & white. Photographs in the CD-ROM and downloadable versions are in color, where available.

Table of Contents- (Download the complete Table of Contents)
• Root Cause Methodology
• Bearing Failures
• Stator Failures
• Shaft Failures
• Rotor Failures
• Mechanical Failures
• DC Motor Failures
• Accessory Failures
• Case Studies
• Reference Materials
• Index

This book and it's companion CD-ROM is available as part of EASA's Root Cause Failure Analysis seminar.

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