Select Presentations 2017-Tampa
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Besides convention papers and handouts, this year’s Select Presentations USB flash drive includes audio recordings of most sessions with synchronized slide presentations where applicable.

Sessions included are:
Technical Presentations
• Using Variable-Speed Drives to Improve Pump System Efficiency* – Gene Vogel
• AC Motor Basics – Mike Howell
• Pump Mechanical Seals* – Gene Vogel
• Isolation Test Bed Design and Construction* – Gene Vogel
• Little Things That Make a Big Difference in a Service Center* – Chuck Yung
• Requirements to Service Hazardous Location Motors* – Jim Bryan
• Emerging Technologies in the Motor Industry* – Tom Bishop, P.E.
• Is It the Drive or the Motor?* – Craig Hartman
• How and Why to Avoid Using Counterfeit Bearings* – Antun Peakovic
• Induction Motor Rotor Windings* – Mike Howell
• Field Service Work, Techniques and Cautions* – Chuck Yung
• Basic Drive Parameters and How They Affect the Motor/Drive Combination* – Craig Hartman
Management Presentations
• Employee Benefits Options: Be Creative – Tonya Thompson
• European Trends, Repair Industry Development – Frederic Beghain, Johan De Coster, David Griffin, Mathis Menzel
• Why Management Has to be Different in Today’s Times – Tonya Thompson
• The Industrial Internet of Things – What Does It Mean to You? – Chris Wiseman
• Regulatory Changes and Top Safety Issues – Tom Barnes
• Industry Research: EASA Service Center Trends and Future – Michael Marks and Jerry Peerbolte
• Economic Trends 2017 and Beyond – Brian Beaulieu
Sales/Marketing Presentations
• Sell First; Negotiate Second – Mark Hunter
• High-Profit Prospecting: Breakthrough Results Require Break.through Strategies (Parts 1 & 2) – Mark Hunter
• Sales Compensation Strategies – Michael Marks
• What is the Right Sales Force Structure for Your Company? – Michael Marks

* Includes technical paper

The USB Flash Drive has been mailed free of charge to Full Business registrants who attended the 2017 EASA Convention in Tampa.

  • Member: $119.00
  • Non-Member: $357.00





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