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Mr. Peter Sutherland


1845 N 22nd St Decatur, IL 62526-5113 US

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Bodine Electric of Decatur has been providing the Midwest with superior electrical service since 1918. Our dedication to providing our customers with reliable service and quality products enabled us to grow into one of the largest electrical companies in the Midwest. Bodine’s Electro-Mechanical Repair Division includes a wide variety of services aimed at meeting all your electrical repair needs. From small motors to large-scale industrial equipment, Bodine’s experienced technicians and extensive set of capabilities allow us to repair and maintain the bulk of your equipment. Our electro-mechanical services include motor repair, mechanical repair, electronic repair and machine shop services.

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Electric/Electronic Control Servicing
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Mechanical Servicing
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Transformer Servicing
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Load Testing (Dynamometer Ranges)
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Specialty Machine Rewinding or Rebuilding
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Electrical Apparatus Sales
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