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Ekaterina Magalyasova


Bolshevikov Ave. 52 St. Petersburg, Russia 193315 Russia

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Russian company repairing generators and motors REM&COIL offers for your attention stator coil winding produced on a unique automated Japanese line by the COIL FLAT technology, which has no analogs in Russia and C.I.S. countries, but which is used by such companies as АВВ, SIEMENS, TOSHIBA, HITACHI and many other electrotechnical corporations of the world.

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Business Activities & Facilities

The lists below describe the business activities and facilities that this member of EASA performs or possesses.

AC Electric Motor Rewinding or Rebuilding
A. Single Phase Motors
B. Polyphase Motors less than 50 hp
C. Polyphase Motors up to 200 hp
D. Polyphase Motors over 200 hp
E. Polyphase Motors with formed coils
F. Polyphase Motors over 600 volts
G. Wound Rotors
H. AC Generator rewinding less than 50 kW
I. AC Generator rewinding over 50 kW

Electric/Electronic Control Servicing
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Mechanical Servicing
A. Dynamic Balancing
B. General Machine Shop
E. Pump Repairing
F. Rotor Rebarring
G. Air Compressors
H. Combustion Engines

Transformer Servicing
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Load Testing (Dynamometer Ranges)
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DC Motor or Generator Rewinding or Rebuilding
A. DC Motors or generators less than 10 kW
B. DC Motors or generators 10 kW and Over
C. Rotating fields less than 10 kW
E. Armature Rewinding

Specialty Machine Rewinding or Rebuilding
B. Traction

Electrical Apparatus Sales
No records to display.

Field Service
A. Vibration Analysis
E. Thermography

Service Center Facilities